Arbitration via :

    So, what are the advantages to E-COURT℠ arbitration over pursuing a dispute through traditional channels? The advantages sometimes vary from dispute to dispute, but essentially can be summarized as follows :

    (1)   With e-Court the process can be tailored to suit parties particular needs.
    (2)   With e-Court Arbitrators are chosen for their expertise and have been thoroughly vetted
    (3)   With e-Court it is confidential : Unlike a traditional trial, arbitration with e-Court is essentially a private procedure, so that if the parties desire privacy then the dispute and the resolution can be kept confidential
    (4)   The process is quicker, no more than 6 weeks and considerably cheaper than the traditional channels.
    (4)   With e-Court there are limited grounds of appeal as arbitral awards are binding and enforceable through many of the traditional courts - The decision of an e-Court Arbitrator is final and binding because the parties have agreed that it should be, rather than any other rule or reason.

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